Top 5 Tips – Resume Red Flags for the Modern age


  1. Changing jobs too often:  This is still a red flag as changing jobs to often can be seen as a sign of instability in an applicant.  The average employee might be changing jobs every two to four years or so.  Red flagging shouldn’t start until a candidate starts showing an average tenure of two years or less
  2. Lack of bullet points and too many paragraphs:  Failure to use bullet point format suggests they have few worthwhile achievements to be proud of or do not know how to explain their achievements, the latter of which is unacceptable.  In today’s climate when there is so much high quality, free resume preparation advice online or social media groups
  3. Lack of specificity:  Achievements, duties or responsibilities that are generic, hackneyed statements which are lacking specificity, e.g. they fail to specify direct reports, budgets held or products managed
  4. Multiple layoffs:  Even in the current climate of increasing redundancies, this can still be a red flag.  This is because the very process of selecting people for redundancy is very much like a reverse recruitment process where the least equipped employees are let go
  5. Failure to explain any resumes red flags in the cover letter:  There is no such thing as a perfect applicant and many applications may have issues or red flags on their resumes, much of it as a result of the volatile economic times we live in and changing patterns of work and lifestyle.  But, the best applicants should be aware of these red flags and must make an attempt to explain these in the cover letter


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